Stephanie McMahon is WWE’s co-CEO and Chairwoman. However, GCW owner Brett Lauderdale has jokes about how she supports Nick Gage and MDK.

Brett Lauderdale described Stephanie McMahon as a close friend. He brought it up during in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. that rumors of possible business link between GCW and WWE have surfaced. As we previously reported, GCW turned that offer down.

“Well, with this point, we know lots of people in every company, all the larger companies. A lot of people that work for WWE or AEW started at GCW or came through GCW. So we have lots of friends in high places and all these companies. Not just WWE or AEW, even beyond that. So we’ve always done our best to do good business and keep good relationships with everybody, and sometimes it pays off in ways where we get invited to nice things or nice places and we enjoy it as much as the next person. So our good friend Stephanie was so gracious to host us at WrestleMania, and we thank her for that.”

When questioned if Stephanie McMahon likes the deathmatch style that GCW was based on, encapsulated by reigning GCW World Champion Nick Gage, Lauderdale humorously stated that McMahon liked Gage. Apparently, Stephanie McMahon is all about it.


“She’s definitely gang affiliated. She’s definitely part of the MDK gang.”

Lauderdale also believes that the post-Vince McMahon WWE administration has a better understanding of what is going on in other wrestling companies. He is not alone in that idea, because the company has seen a number of positive changes.

“I think Stephanie and the current regime there, I think that they’re very aware of what goes on and the wrestling world outside of just their bubble these days, and they have to be.”

As co-CEO, Stephanie has a lot on her plate right now. Since last September, when her husband Triple H was taken to the hospital for emergency heart surgery, she had to deal with a demanding schedule and worrisome concerns at home. Triple H has now admitted that the incident could have killed him and that he will never wrestle again. Luckily, everyone involved seems to be doing well, and Stephanie McMahon is apparently rocking MDK.

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