WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has completely revamped the entire WWE product. The Game transformed the landscape appealing to the delight of the WWE Universe with better quality storylines and the return of top WWE stars released by Vince McMahon such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Johnny Gargano to name a few.

However, this new direction for the company under his leadership has invited criticism from former WWE head writer Vince Russo. The pro wrestling veteran believes that Triple H has too much on his plate being the head of the creative team. He was promoted to WWE Chief Content Officer and oversees the booking of both RAW and SmackDown.

Vince Russo mentioned that it would be an impossible task for the Cerebral Assassin to manage so much all by himself on the latest episode of Legion of RAW.

“I’ve said this before on this show, Triple H cannot be head of creative and wear a hundred other hats. I don’t care bro. Triple H is not freaking Superman. Either be head of creative and do nothing else or make somebody else the head of creative. Head of creative is not a part-time job.


Russo further stated that this week’s RAW suffered due to Triple H being occupied with so many tasks behind the scenes.

“This show was written like a part-time job. Right off the bat, Asuka and Alexa are healthy. Oh okay, bro, we’ll do the segment where they’ll run in and make the save and that’ll be our tag team match. That’s five minutes to book. That’s what I’m talking about bro. This is not a part-time freaking job. I don’t care who you are.” 

Despite Russo’s comments, critics and fans believe that Triple H has been doing a fantastic job in running the company and will lead the WWE in a new direction to reach unprecedented heights of success.

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Nikunj Walia

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