Scarlett Bordeaux joined WWE in November 2019. Four months later, her husband Karrion Kross also began working for the company. Kross recently talked about how he and his wife were fired from the Stamford-based company last year.

The duo made their NXT debut in mid-2020, with Scarlett serving as her husband’s valet. Kross held the NXT Championship twice over the course of the following 18 months. However in November 2021, the business terminated his and his wife’s contracts.

Scarlett and Kross returned to SmackDown last August after leaving. Kross revealed the specifics of his and his wife’s release in an interview with The Sun. Even while he and Scarlett were disappointed, the former NXT Champion said they were also relieved.

I got a phone call one day and they basically just said that there were budget cuts. Scarlett and I got the same call. Her and I are very solution-based thinkers. We don’t spend a lot of time grieving about stuff, we like to move forward with things.


Honest to God, I’m not just saying this, it’s hard for me to even remember the details of what happened. But I can tell you we were disappointed. But we were also relieved at the same time as well because we were not fulfilled artistically or creatively with what we were doing at the time, and we thought, ‘Hey, this is a new opportunity right now, being released to improve different aspects of our lives personally and professionally.’

Recently, Karrion Kross talked about the prospect of going up against Logan Paul. Before transitioning to Monday Night RAW in the middle of 2021, Karrion Kross enjoyed a successful run on NXT, where he was one of the brand’s top talents. However, the company removed him from his contract, ending his main roster run.

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