For several weeks, The Schism teased a new member joining their faction. Every week, fans could see a hooded figure handing out smiley badges. This left many fans speculating as to who this mystery person was.

Two weeks ago, Joe Gacy stated on NXT that he was going to reveal the identity of the mystery person the following week. A week later, the mystery person was revealed to be The Rock’s daughter, Ava Raine. This shocked the wrestling world, with fans excited to finally see her on television.

Cameron Grimes also chipped in on the matter. The former NXT North American Champion recently took to Twitter to claim that The Schism have brainwashed Ava Raine into joining their faction.

“It’s sad to see Schism has brainwashed Ava Raine. @WWENXT


Ava Raine is yet to wrestle her first match on WWE television. Many fans will be waiting in anticipation to see just how good she is in the ring. It will also be interesting to see if she receives an instant push considering her wrestling pedigree.

Do you also feel that Ava Raine has been brainwashed by Schism? Let us know in the comments section.

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