Natalya is considered the gatekeeper of WWE women’s division by her peers. The Boat has put over many rising stars ever since she became a veteran of the business.

Natalya squared off against Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler in a Street Fight during WWE’s house show in Glasgow, Scotland, on Sunday. Liv Morgan won the match after putting Natalya through a table via a top rope jump.

In a clip which has since went viral on social media, Natalya can be seen rolling out of the ring in quick fashion the moment the referee’s hand hit the mat for the three count.

Ringside News has been in touch with people close to the situation. We were able to confirm that not only are both competitors okay, but Natalya had a very good reason for rolling out of the ring so quickly.


Regarding the table spot with Natalya where she appeared to no-sell the spot, we are told that was not the intention. Natalya simply exited the ring to let Liv Morgan celebrate the win and nothing was intended to be ‘ill willed’ with this spot.

Additionally, table spots can be a tough spot to take. In this particular moment, the table didn’t break and Natalya had to embrace that impact on her stomach. Can confirm she is safe after the match.

Some fans thought that Natalya “no sold” Liv Morgan, which would be a diss. That is not the case. Thankfully, both women are okay after a tough table spot that was Botchamania worthy as many fans heard the famous “I Am The Table” song in their heads.

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