Alexa Bliss is one of the personalities in WWE who continues captivating fans. It seems Halloween is one of Alexa’s favorites. She just debuted her costume, surprising many as she brought back a fan favorite look.

Bliss tweeted out a transformation video that is guaranteed to draw attention. When Bliss initially appeared on-screen, she was wearing her regular clothes, but the look she transformed into caused fans’ mouths to drop in astonishment.

Alexa showed up wearing a short, black dress with a top colored purple. Her blonde hair had pink undertones, and it was pulled back into two buns. Obviously, her doll Lilly was in tow. Many people were surprised to see her old Firefly Fun House look. Naturally, this video went viral in rapid fashion for Halloween.

Bliss transformed into her old persona, complete with a spooky appearance. Many fans are hoping to see a comeback to this character as part of Bray Wyatt’s new persona, because it appears that she is no longer active. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside.


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