AEW made surprising announcement on last night’s Rampage that Mike Tyson will be making his return to the company for the next week’s show in New Jersey, and fans are naturally excited. However, there’s more to it than previously reported.

According to PW Insider, Tyson’s return may not be just a one-off appearance, and that he signed the deal with the company just a few days ago. While the specifics of the deal have not been released, it is believed that Mike Tyson’s return to AEW may include multiple appearances.

Tyson will be serving as a special guest commentator on next week’s AEW Rampage, which is emanating from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. It is worth noting that the former world champion boxer has had some of the biggest victories of his legendary boxing career in the arena.

While it is unknown if Tyson will be doing anything else, it is possible that he could be involved in a match at some point. This has not been confirmed, but it would certainly be a huge moment for AEW if they were able to get Tyson in the ring.


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