Cody Rhodes, along with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho, were instrumental in the formation of All Elite Wrestling. The American Nightmare even served as an Executive Vice President of the company apart from his duties as an in-ring performer. However, Cody Rhodes shocked everyone when he left AEW for WWE earlier this year.

Since then, there have been rumors regarding why Cody Rhodes left AEW for WWE. The former AEW VP took to Twitter recently to address some of these rumors. During a long Tweet, Cody Rhodes made it clear that he didn’t leave AEW because of The Young Bucks or Kenny Omega.

Cody also mentioned that he didn’t leave because of issues with CM Punk either. He further stated that he left because he wanted to go “for the big one” probably indicating the WWE or Universal Title.

I didn’t leave because of the Bucks/Kenny. I’m forever bonded to those men over what we created, and I remain very proud of it, and I didn’t leave because of/or have issues with Punk. We got along. Not money, not booking, just a personal issue and my wanting to go for the big one.


In return, The Young Bucks replied by tweeting a picture of themselves along with Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes. In the pic, the four of them are looking at an empty AEW arena, before the first Double or Nothing event could start. Hopefully, this tweet from Cody Rhodes will put an end to these rumors.

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Sunil Joseph

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