Chelsea Green’s time in WWE was largely disappointing due to series of injuries and unfortunate timings. She was eventually let go by WWE and fans were upset about this fact. Green recently expressed displeasure with her followers.

Chelsea Green recently took to her Instagram Story to rant about her terrible calendar re-release. Ringside News posted the video to their Instagram where Green seems to be outrageous about selling only 50 calendars upon re-release.

Green highlighted the fact that 900 people voted “yes” for a calendar re-release but only 50 out them actually bought it. She then urged fans not to slide into her DMs and ask for a second round of re-release. “If you didn’t buy them the first time, if you didn’t buy them the second time, and if you didn’t buy them the third time, f-k you.”

#ChelseaGreen big mad after fans slide into her DMs asking for a re-release of her calendar after only selling 50 😬


As previously reported, WWE is showing significant interest in bringing back Chelsea Green to the company. We will have to wait and see whether Green will even return to WWE. Meanwhile, check out the Instagram post below.

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