AEW President Tony Khan was recently criticized for being too friendly and affectionate with his roster. He is known for often hugging his talent. Fans observed Shawn Michaels doing the same with Wes Lee, and it has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Twitter user @TheCovalentTV compared the two and questioned whether WWE supporters are prejudiced. In the side-by-side comparison, TK was hugging Claudio Castagnoli, while Michaels was embracing Lee.

Do you think there’s a sense of hypocrisy and bias about Tony Khan/Triple H & Shawn Michaels here or is this a reach?

Some fans pointed out that Michaels was Lee’s coach before his latest victory at NXT Halloween Havoc, whereas Khan has met Claudio Castagnoli only recently.


Wes Lee went backstage after Halloween Havoc and caught up with Shawn Michaels. The two shared a hug and Lee was seen trying to hold back his tears. The hard work seemed to be finally paid off for Lee after all these years in NXT.

“One is the OWNER OF THE COMPANY and the other is a coach,” a fan wrote. “One is DOING IT OUT OF FANDOM while the other is showing pride in hard work. If you can’t see the difference that’s your problem.” Another noted, “There’s a difference between the hugs, khan is hugging Claudio like he’s a child trying to be forgiven for something. Shawn is hugging Wes Lee like a proud dad”

Others simply pointed out that WWE fans are just playing mental gymnastics and that they hate Tony Khan. Below are some of the reactions from the debate. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates.

What are your thoughts on this debate between the fans? Let us know in the comments!

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