Vince McMahon had his own style of running WWE, and the company was frequently chastised for some of its offensive storylines when he was in control. In a recent interview, Matt Hardy discussed his feelings on some of the promotion’s ‘bad taste’ bookings.

Hardy appeared on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, where he spoke out against WWE’s offensive storylines. He referred to the controversial “Piggy James” storyline, which poked fun at Mickie James’ weight. Similar things were observed during Hardy’s feud with Cody Rhodes. He feels that both decisions were in “bad taste.”

I agree, those were both bad calls in the big scheme of things. Even when my brother was back, and he’d obviously had his struggles over the years with addiction and alcohol, the most recent obviously. When they put him on TV and put him in like an addict-alcoholism angle and story, I feel like those are in bad taste.

Now with Triple H in charge of WWE creative, Hardy believes that the promotion won’t be doing problematic storylines. Hardy spoke of Tony Khan in contrast and said that he is very progressive with his thinking.


I think you won’t be seeing that as much now that Triple H is in charge. That’s something you would never see underneath Tony Khan. He’s very forward-thinking, very progressive, and he realizes people who have these real-life struggles, you have to separate them. You really shouldn’t abuse them and make light of them on your television product.

Triple H becoming head of WWE’s creative might mark a big change in the pro wrestling landscape. He has received a lot of positive feedback, and fans hope to see it continue for years to come.

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Saksham Bartsch

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