Thunder Rosa is one of the best in-ring female pro wrestlers to have ever stepped inside the squared circle. She is currently the AEW Interim Women’s World Champion after Thunder Rosa relinquished the title due to injury and that shocked fans. Toni Storm recently admitted the AEW ‘Interim Nonsense’ is bothering her.

According to Rosa’s most recent reports, she is currently undergoing physical therapy, non-surgical treatments, and other methods to recover from her back injury. After winning the interim crown by defeating Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Jamie Hayter in a Four-Way Match at All Out, Storm recently spoke with Bleacher Report to discuss her objectives.

Rosa is expected to challenge for the title when she comes back. Storm is aware that she will most certainly be on the shelf for several more months, but in the interim, she has decided how she wants to represent the business.

I guess my first thing would be to beat Thunder Rosa and stop this interim nonsense. That’s kind of what’s been bothering me. I think that’s been bothering a lot of people because she’s still calling herself the AEW Women’s World Champion, and I’m the one here every week doing the work.


Right now. I guess it’s about being a good champion, being a strong champion. That’s what I’m up against every day. I’m working harder than I ever had in my entire career. The time is now. I look at every week as just an opportunity to prove myself. I love giving it my all, and who knows where we go from here? But all I know is I’m gonna continue to work hard.

Toni Storm recently talked about Thunder Rosa’s absence. Storm seemingly indicated that she thinks Thunder Rosa’s injury is fake. AEW also planned for Thunder Rosa to lose her Women’s Title at All Out, which further backs up what Toni Storm said.

There is also a story around about Thunder Rosa having backstage heat, even hiding in bathroom after accidentally injuring Jamie Hayter. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see when Thunder Rosa comes back and what’s in store for Storm in the future.

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