Sean Waltman recently made his return to WWE RAW on the season premiere alongside Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg as part of D-Generation X’s 25 anniversary. For those who don’t know, Sean Waltman announced the WWE’s The Bump last year that was cleared to return to the ring,

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer has even been actively wrestling up until this year when he got injured doing a show for GCW. However, Sean Waltman names a couple of young WWE superstar as potential opponents for him during his Busted Open Radio appearance.

“Pete Dunne, that guy is excellent. I would really like to have a match with that guy … there’s a lot of young blood out there that’s really promising that I look at and go, ‘man if I was 25 or if I was 30’ … even Austin Theory … is another guy I could image doing really great things in there with when I was younger.”

Sean Waltman recently tore his peck during a GCW tag team match against Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers. Given that Sean Waltman is still actively wrestling, we shouldn’t rule out a return to a WWE ring yet.


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Sunil Joseph

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