The Gunn Brothers dissolved their association with their father Billy Gunn in August, They have moved on to do bigger and better things since Austin & Colten Gunn are now members of The Firm.

Once known as ‘The Gunn Club’. Austin & Colten have been going under their new duo name of ‘The Gunns’. Now the brothers are now going into detail about why they changed their team name.

In a new interview with the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Austin talked about the name change in length. He stated that he and Colten wanted to step out of their father’s shadow as well.

“Yeah, it was a name that me and my dad started together as a tag team. We’re about to go do my first match, and we don’t have a name, and he goes ‘What about the Gunn Club?’. I was like ‘Alright, cool’ and we just did that for the first match, and it literally stuck with us for three years. The entire time, to me, I was like this is goofy, I don’t wanna represent anything else like New Japan-esque.”


“You have Bullet Club and you have all of these clubs and I was like ‘Nah, this is not it’. For three years, we had to stick with that but when me and Colten turned on [Billy Gunn]… I realized it was time for me and Colten to kinda take charge of not only our characters but our career as well. We no longer live under the shadow of my dad, so I was like let’s just go with The Gunns. It’s cleaner, it’s more precise, and it’s more serious.”

Colten also stated that they are no longer a club due to their separation from their father. Short and to the point. “Yeah and it’s not a club anymore. There’s only two of us, so,” he said.

We’ll see what happens with The Gunns on their own after moving away from the tag team legend in their father Billy Gunn. Should be fun seeing the two trying to build their own legacy.

What do you think of The Gunns being on their own without father Billy? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

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