Tanga Loa competed in a ten-man tag team match at NJPW Capital Collision on May 14. He has been out with an injury since that match. Tama Tonga, his brother, provided fans with an update on the situation.

On the latest episode of Tama’s Island, Tama Tonga spoke about his brother’s injury. He stated that Loa has had surgery a couple of months ago and that he will be out for the remainder of 2022. Loa is recovering well and can perform movements that don’t require running.

He’s been injured, tore his MCL abs he had surgery a couple months ago. So he’ll be out for the rest of the year, but he’s making progress. He isn’t able to run yet, but he’s able to walk and do some stuff. But just the running part is the hardest part right now. He’s doing well, he’s moving forward. Looking forward to having him come back,

On June 1, NJPW announced that Loa had been pulled from the Best of the Super Jr. Finals card after suffering a knee injury. It is also unlikely that Loa will participate in NJPW’s World Tag League, which begins in November. Healing from an injury can take more than a few months and we him a speedy recovery.


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