WWE has many pay-per-view events that they don’t use anymore, and Cyber Sunday is only one of them. Of course, it also had one of the more unique themes in WWE history, as fans voted for each match.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is known to the pro wrestling world for his work with the WWE. The former WWE writer offered his status on what went down during the live voting situation.

Freddie was open to talk about the voting done during Cyber Sunday and other events. He talked about how fans would share their opinions during live events such as Taboo Tuesday.

The former WWE writer talked about it on Wrestling With Freddie and said that at first he thought that the voting was fake, but when he found out that it was legit, he was amazed. He liked the product even more.


Behind the scenes or behind the curtain, these were legit. They literally worked out three different matches with whoever the main guy in the ring was going to be. Granted, you know that these were all super pros so they didn’t have to choreograph the entire match.

They can feel it while they’re out there. But they would have to be prepared, regardless of who they thought would win just in case someone didn’t win the vote and they would have to go with the person who did. So they were always very careful with the three options they gave you.

They didn’t want to give you like Doink the Clown versus Shawn Michaels because they can’t trust fans to not go, ‘Yea, let’s see Doink versus Shawn Michaels’, because that match would suck. So they would always give you three credible choices. But it was a legit vote. Every time that the vote came in, that’s who went in and wrestled.

I never knew that. I always thought it was a work when I was watching them, but I liked them a lot even though I thought they were fake. Once I found out it was real, it just brought a whole different level of magic to it. So I would love to see something like that come back again.

Freddie went on to say that the company always gave credible options, and these options made them become one of the best choices that fans would vote for at all costs.

The Scooby-Doo star was clear to inform that the choices were absolutely legit and never lacked the enthusiasm it required. They would never include a choice that would turn off people’s interest.


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