Finn Balor and AJ Styles’ careers have followed similar paths prior to their WWE debut. Both athletes made a name for themselves thanks to their antics on the independent circuits.

Both superstars also joined New Japan Pro Wrestling and were also members of the popular faction Bullet Club prior to arriving in WWE. However, the two men have faced off against each other only once in WWE, which is quite surprising.

Balor and Styles squared off against each other at TLC 2017 when the latter served as a replacement for Bray Wyatt after Wyatt was medically unable to compete. Speaking with the New York Post, Balor mentioned that there is a potential for a massive storyline to be told involving both superstars.


“I feel like for 20-plus years, myself and AJ.’s careers ran side by side and never really overlapped with each other. The one match we did have (at TLC 2017) was by pure happenstance. I was scheduled to wrestle Bray Wyatt, but I think Bray came down with an illness and was pulled by WWE medical from the event and then we had the match with AJ.

That’s really the only interaction we’ve had up until very recently. I feel like me and AJ. have a big story to tell and a lot to prove to each other as well. I feel like we have an unspoken competitive rivalry and I feel like that need to be addressed in the ring. I respect everything that AJ.’s done in his career. I’m very excited that the opportunity of the next couple months could lead us to that singles match with AJ.”

Given the recent storyline involving AJ Styles and Judgment, it looks we may get to witness that dream storyline sometime in the near future. When that storyline does take place, fans can expect it to be phenomenal.

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Sunil Joseph

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