Jon Moxley was arguably the hottest free agent when he joined AEW in 2019, and has emerged as one of their biggest singles star. He will be with the company for several more years after Moxley recently signed 5-year AEW contract, because he didn’t want to give the impression he could go back to WWE.

Many wrestlers are eyeing a jump from AEW to WWE, or vice versa. In today’s pro wrestling landscape, any expiring contract will bring out speculation that either company is set to lose talent for the competition.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed a variety of topics related to Jon Moxley’s new contract on Wrestling Observer Radio. He revealed that Moxley didn’t want people speculating he’s going to WWE. Meltzer noted that Moxley could have played both sides against each other, but he didn’t want to do that at all.

I think the key to all this. He signed a 5 year deal. So, as far as like, why so long? And I think the answer was that he just felt that he’s not going to WWE. Doesn’t wanna go to WWE. Doesn’t wanna put on the facade of going to WWE to, you know, play both sides against each other and make more money.


He doesn’t want people speculating he’s going to WWE. He wants all speculation over, and he’s with AEW for 5 more years. And I know at some point he discussed. I don’t know how seriously, but being a free agent. When he first signed with AEW, in his mind, it was 3 years. And then after 3 years, he’s gonna do indies.

He ended up really liking AEW and now, his thing is to be like be happy and to make a legacy and to be the best professional wrestler that he could be. And he feels that to be the best pro wrestler that he can be and have the best matches, the place is to be is AEW and NJPW. He’s not going to WWE. And it’s not that Tony’s gonna release him to WWE, either; and he had a good understanding with Tony Khan.

Jon Moxley wanted to put an end to all rumors. In his mind, the initial contract he signed with AEW was for three years. After three years, Mox thought he would take part in the independent scene, but he ultimately came to genuinely appreciate AEW. Now his goal is to be happy, leave a lasting legacy, and be the best professional wrestler he can possibly be.

Moxley believes that AEW and NJPW are the greatest places to be if he wants to be the best professional wrestler he can be and have the finest matches. He won’t be going to WWE, and his new AEW contract has certain restrictions when it comes to indie dates. Moxley will probably do some indies, but it will not be as many as he was doing. Let’s see what’s in store for Moxley in the future, but he’s not going back to WWE.

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