The Anarchy in the Arena match is considered to be one of the more entertaining and best matches for AEW in 2022. But one spot was the idea of one top wrestler in the company.

When speaking to AEW Unrestricted, Chris Jericho reflected on the use of fireballs and how the gasoline spot came about. He mentioned that idea came from Jon Moxley.

‘Let’s just play the song [Wild Thing].’ People loved it. ‘Then, I’ll be the asshole that grabs..can we get a stereo and pull some (wires). I’ll break it. As soon as I throw it down, cut the music off.’ That worked out. Mox was like, ‘What if Eddie came down with gas and poured it on you?’ ‘No one is ever going to allow that.’ ‘What if they did?’ That moment is so iconic. Eddie Kingston loves Puerto Rican wrestling,

Jericho transitioned into discussing his throwing of fireballs. He broke down on how it came about and was “The Wizard” briefly.


Memphis, someone threw a fireball. Okay, I’ll throw a fireball in your face. It worked. Then we were at commentary and I was thinking, ‘Who throws a fireball? A wizard, maybe. I’m a wizard!’ Read the room. Back in the day, everyone brings signs. There are no signs anymore. You go on Twitter and everyone is like, ‘Wizard, wizard, memes, GIFs.’ ‘That’s a thing. All I need to do is throw a fireball one more time.’ We went to Vegas, there was a problem. I had my magician’s license. You need that to throw a fireball in the vicinity of Vegas. The problem was it didn’t come in time, so we had to go outside the boundaries of Vegas to throw the fireball at the stagehand. ‘Guys, don’t tell me why it’s not going to work.’ My internal, ‘(Wayne) Gretzky stay ahead’ is we needed to throw another fireball today. It’s at the peak. Next week would be too late. We figured it out, made it happen, the kid took the fireball, and now it’s a thing. I did it one more time with Shota Umino. That’s it. I never have to throw it again. I can fake it, I can tease it, or maybe I do. It’s now part of Chris Jericho canon,” he said.

Jericho is no longer a wizard, but he is the top sports entertainer in wrestling and currently holds the Ring Of Honor World Championship. Proofs that Jericho is among the greats in the sport.

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Andre Porter

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