Brian Gewirtz is known for his contributions in WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown and Young Rock. He left WWE for an executive role in Seven Bucks Entertainment, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s production company. The former WWE writer recently discussed if he could still handle writing for wrestling today and if he ever sees himself doing it again.

Brian Gewirtz has kept the possibility of a comeback in professional wrestling open. Gewirtz recently appeared on the “Busted Open” podcast. He expressed his confidence in his ability to survive in the drastically altered professional wrestling industry of today.

It’s like working a muscle, a little bit. Your promo muscle, as a writer, in terms of getting into the swing of things again. ‘Cause I’ve had, occasionally, some talent at WWE give me a call and say ‘Hey, what’s a good line I can say to this person?’ Not often, but every now and then. … And then I start thinking about it, and then that muscle starts, you know, working again. And then all of a sudden I’ve written like a 10 minute promo and I’m sending it to the person.

In fact, I’m going to ‘Raw’ in Brooklyn on Monday because I’m gonna be back in New York because of [the] … ‘Black Adam’ premiere. Whenever I show up to WWE nowadays, the first response from everybody is ‘Oh my God, is The Rock here?’


It never truly leaves my psyche or goes away. … I don’t ever really envision myself in that position as a job again but, you know, as they say in the wrestling business, ‘you never say never.’

Gewirtz collaborated on numerous projects with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as his producer. The two remain close friends. Johnson always has Gewirtz with him when he appears on WWE TV.

Despite his own presence backstage, Gewirtz made careful to note that Johnson was not supposed to make an appearance at this week’s “Monday Night Raw.” Gewirtz is not now planning to return to the business, but he is not against the notion either. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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