E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Brian Gewirtz – Lio Rush’s Controversial Tweet, Going to Wrestler’s Court, What’s The Worst Thing WWE Ever Filmed? More!

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Christian opens today’s show speaking about Lio Rush’s tweet in which he poked fun at Emma’s release from WWE. He says that Rush obviously made a mistake and he probably regrets it right now, but this is just another example of someone hitting ‘send’ on Twitter without reading over the content several times beforehand. He says that people just need to use their head before they tweet things.

Edge says this really wasn’t a good idea on Rush’s part because he was basically making fun of someone losing their livelihood, which is obviously not a smart thing to do. He agrees with Christian in saying that once these things are tweeted you can’t take them back, so WWE Superstars and everyone in general need to be smarter on social media.

Edge and Christian welcome Brian Gewirtz to the show.

Gewirtz was formerly WWE’s Head Writer and he’s the current SVP of Development at The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions. Gewirtz mentions that The Rock actually got him his interview with WWE in the first place, so they both hit it off creatively. He worked extensively with The Rock on his promos, and also worked a lot with Edge, Christian and Chris Jericho when he first started.

Gewirtz thinks the atmosphere backstage was much less rigid during his time writing there. He would often sit with Edge and Christian and the three men would simply throw ideas at the wall, and if a certain idea made them laugh then they’d try it on television.

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