AEW has been full of drama for most of 2022 with multiple scandals spread out over the months. Despite all of that, the CEO of AEW feels their television roster is the most stable it has been all year.

While making an appearance on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, Khan was asked if expanding AEW Rampage might be a possibility, given the company’s loaded roster and the problems to spread television time across the company’s hundreds of stars. In response, the AEW president stated that the company is in a great place currently.

“Well I was just speaking with the Warner Brothers Discovery executives, who are really excited about last week’s results because it’s been a really strong run,” Khan said. “We’re on the best run of Dynamite ratings, the best six weeks we’ve had all year have been the last six weeks. I think it’s been in large part due to, obviously most of all the great support from the wrestling fans, but also the wrestlers right now. We have a great crew, we have great champions, great contenders up and down the card, and now great stories coming into place because this has been the most stable TV crew we’ve had, I would say the last five, six weeks, all year.

“There’s been so many different injuries. Obviously the hurricanes kept a few people out this past week that are prominent names, but that’s a one-week thing. Normally that would be terrible and catastrophic, but really first of all you gotta look to the hurricane itself, with the priority that people need to take care of their families and their homes, but it’s just a one-week dip compared to some of the major injures and incidents that have put people out for longer periods of time. So frankly, the last five, six weeks have not only been the best TV ratings of the year for us, the best business period of the year for us. It’s the perfect time to be going into the anniversary with this great support.


It’s great to hear that the morale has shifted towards the positive. With Cody Rhodes defecting back to WWE, MJF’s contract issues, injuries to top names like CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson, AEW has enough issues. At least Tony Khan is remaining positive. Let’s hope it continues.

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