Tony D’Angelo suffered an injury during an NXT show two weeks ago. The injury was aired this week on television, and while it seemed serious to some, it seems that Tony D won’t be on the shelf for long.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, things aren’t as bad as were previously expected. The superstar may be out for six to eight weeks. The best part is that it doesn’t require any surgery.

The Tony D’Angelo injury from two weeks ago aired on NXT this week. The actual spot was unremarkable. He took a drop toe hold from Wes Lee into the corner. The knee hit the mat and it wasn’t twisted or contorted, but somehow went out. It appeared watching that match that he wasn’t moving well before it went out, like there was an issue that somehow that spot took it out completely. The ref checked with D’Angelo, saw that he couldn’t get up, and just stopped the match. The last word was that he would be out six to eight weeks, but that info it more than a week old, so he didn’t need major surgery.

It’s nice to know that the superstar hasn’t suffered any major problems as was previously expected. It also brings a sigh of relief as D’Angelo is one of the most promising superstars on the black and gold brand.


Triple H changed the brand to its 2.0 form, with the logo and other things changing. While no one knows how things will pan out when he returns, Tony would do just fine in any role or against any superstar.

It would be interesting to see him in a championship storyline. NXT management must also have the same faith as does the WWE Universe in their superstar.

Do you think Tony D’Angelo deserves a championship opportunity? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

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