Saraya made her AEW Debut last week on Dynamite. The former Paige will speak tonight for the first time since her debut, but before that happens, there’s something that has dropped up for her fans.

In Saraya’s first AEW merch, the shirt says ‘You Can’t Kill Her.’ What’s interesting is the time of the merch drop, because tons of fans are wondering if she will wrestle again.

Anticipation of anything is the best marketing tool, and AEW happens to draw just that with their approach. The return of Saraya to wrestling has helped them gain a lot of attention, but there are still a lot of people who are worried about her taking bumps again. This is likely why her shirt proclaimed that she can’t be killed.

These ratings can convert into good numbers for them on the business side if the merch sells more than expected. It is a given that Saraya has fans in both companies, and they would want to get their hands on the merch.


We are currently mere hours away from this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, one can expect nothing but brilliance on the mic from Saraya and on the merch end from All Elite Wrestling.

Saraya’s first AEW Merch is available for the fans,

What do you think of this business decision? Sound off in the comments.

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