Malakai Black made a lot of headlines after he reportedly left AEW. The former WWE star seemingly became the exception to the rule by getting conditional release. However, it seems that he’s still with AEW.

Black started an Instagram Live session for his millions of followers. During the session, he still has not left the company. It appears that it was another rumor that started and got out of hand.

The AEW star says in a clip from the live stream that there’s “no conspiracy” and that he’s just enjoying some time off before returning and reappearing in AEW programming once again.

The star also said that he’s going to be back in AEW as well. This pretty much goes contrary to what is so far the reported material about Malakai Black’s release. Some thought that he might be the White Rabbit after this week’s tease in the source code, but that isn’t the case.


Black assured fans that he’s just taking some time off, and that’s it. He will be back, and he claims that he is still with AEW.

Malakai Black especially became subject to rumors after WWE reportedly reached out to certain AEW talents. It’s been reported that he wanted to go back to WWE before his “release” and he already told WWE superstar about wanting to return. It’s good to know that he’ll be back in AEW programming in a matter of months.

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