Karen Jarrett’s involvement with the pro wrestling world largely centered around who she was married to. Naturally, this gives her an opportunity to have several opinions.

The on-screen executive for Impact Wrestling and TNA discussed an opportunity to work as a manager during her husband’s “My World” podcast.

I would love to do something with … Vickie Guerrero. It would be fun. I’d love to have another match with [Jeff].

When asked if she would be willing to fight wrestling couples like Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green or Nick Aldis and Mickie James, Jarrett said that if she had a match with either of them, then their son won’t cheer for them.


If we had a match with either one of those couples, our son would not be cheering for us. [He] loves Chelsea Green, loves Nick Aldis and Mickie. He loves to give Matt a hard time.

A question came up if there was any wrestler she would be willing not to step inside the ropes, Jarrett was clear on her choice of the female superstar that she doesn’t want to step between the ropes with.

I would never want to get in a ring with Taya [Valkyrie], she would destroy me, I love watching her, and I love seeing her beat the s*** out of other people. … I wouldn’t be able to walk for months. I love Taya!

Karen is known for her performances in Impact and TNA. She turned on her then-husband to join Jeff Jarrett before the wedding vows with him and divorced Kurt Angle.


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Amit Shukla

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