Darby Allin is a daredevil and never backs down from any challenge. He was scheduled for a match on AEW Rampage Grand Slam with his tag team partner Sting against The House of Black.

The match started before things went in between the ropes. It was a No Disqualification Match where anything was legal and The House of Black took the stipulation’s advantage.

During the match, Darby Allin ended up dropping himself and Brody King off of the stage, which resulted in the former getting his head split wide open. Darby Allin was still willing to continue, but the medical team advised him not to and took Allin with them.

Darby provided an update via Twitter that he suffered an injury to the head that needed staples. He received five staples to the scalp of his head, but his tweet said something else.


Worth it

There’s no word on whether or if Darby will be in action on the next week’s episode of Dynamite or Rampage. We will have to see if he stays out of the action until he is healed.

What do you think of the situation? Chime in.

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