Road Dogg is one of the most critical figures in pro wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer is often giving criticism on certain stars in the business. He is now a substantial part of WWE once again. He’s also scheduled to make an appearance on the October 10 edition of RAW.

D-Generation-X is set to celebrate the faction’s 25th anniversary. The special occasion will be commemorated on the October 10 episode of Monday Night RAW, and all the DX members will get together once again.

Road Dogg seems to be having an abs crisis ahead of his appearance. He took to Twitter and joked about how would he possibly be able to get abs by the time of his appearance. The Hall of Famer might be able to pull it off, if the event is delayed until the next year’s October 10.

How am I supposed to have abs by Oct 10? ANY Oct 10 actually!


Triple H seems to be bringing back the DX segments, which Vince McMahon was not a fan of. He even threatened to fire Triple H years ago over the segments. Now that Triple H has his way, it appears that we’ll definitely see more of these through the years.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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