Kevin Nash is a legend in the wrestling business, He knows how to pick fight and get it to the destination. The legend recently ripped CM Punk for being unfit for wrestling.

Kevin Nash recently appeared in the most recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast. He discussed how CM Punk, who at the time of the AEW scrum was 43 years old, had mocked him for entering the ring at the age of 55 eight years prior. Nash slammed CM Punk for being unfit, tired and beat up.

At 42 years old, Phil is tired. He’s beat up. I was in the ring at 55 and he was cutting the promo on me, ‘Click. Click, I can hear your knees, lol. I thought you were dead’ That motherf-cker is cutting that promo on me and he sits there at 42 years old. I guess in retrospect, like, when I actually thought about it, it was like, oh no, he didn’t lose his sh-t. That’s toxic shock. He didn’t pull his tampon out. He’s f-cking got toxic shock syndrome. I thought about that and I googled him. I said, 42.

The dude didn’t wrestle for 10 f-cking years. It’s like a ‘75 Eldorado with 102 miles on it. Motherf-cker, don’t tell me you’re tired. Shut the f-ck up. All you guys at AEW, you bunch of dumb motherf-ckers. You bunch of dumb motherf-ckers. You’re 1099s. You know what that means? You were painting somebody’s f-cking house, you guys got in a fight, and they told you you’re all suspended.


Wasn’t it after the f-cking deal? You guys can’t work that out? I haven’t heard if they were suspended without pay. So they’re the f-cking cop that f-cking shoots the guy 23 times in the back and then sits at his desk. That’s an effective way to f-cking manage. What a bunch of shit.

Kevin even spoke with Eric Bischoff on the 83 Weeks podcast, where he talked about how he tried to recruit The Undertaker to the nWo. The presentation didn’t work well, and The Phenom debuted his American Badass gimmick shortly after.

Nash’s thoughts on Raw, Detroit Pizza, Shane Douglas, Ron Jeremy, and Abdullah The Butcher are also included in this week’s podcast. Listen to the entire podcast below.

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