AEW has a lot of issues that they need to sort out. Tony Khan has used talent meetings prior to Dynamite as a chance to get his point across. It seems that they had even more to address prior to the Grand Slam event.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that AEW had another mandatory talent meeting before the show. It seems that this talent meeting was a pep talk before the major event.

It was also reported that things have been more “laid back” compared to the lead-up to AEW All Out.

We’re still working to gain details about who spoke at the meeting, but those we heard from in attendance said that it was very positive and effectively served as a pep talk for the roster ahead of a major show. The talent meetings held since All Out have seemed to resonate well with roster and staff that we’ve spoken to. 


A longtime AEW talent that we spoke with said the last three weeks have been much more laid back than how things were in the weeks that led up to AEW All Out. Another veteran claimed that the locker room has been the best over the last three tapings than it’s been in quite a while.

It was also reported that, “an AEW source we spoke used the term ‘addition by subtraction,’ but wouldn’t specify who they meant specifically in that regard.”

We’ll have to see if this meeting does anything to stop those stories about unrest within the roster. Some people might be ready to bid Tony Khan farewell at this point, but they have a lot of very important things to worry about in the meantime with Grand Slam.

What’s your take on AEW holding another talent meeting? Sound off in the comments!

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