Ryback might have jumped for joy when Vince McMahon retired after a hush money scandal, but his legal troubles aren’t over with WWE. He wants to trademark his name, one he legally changed to Ryback, but there is still an issue.

The Big Guy’s time in the WWE went well enough, but then things fell apart and Ryback started using lots of bad words to talk about WWE. Even after a change in leadership, things haven’t improved.

Ryback foul-mouthed Vince McMahon when the former Chairman of the Board left the WWE. It didn’t stop there, as the “Feed Me More” guy fed the news websites another opportunity to talk about how wrong he is in talking about different things. He jumped on Twitter and let fans know that his frustrations haven’t diminished.

Moving forward with Ryback TM Deposition. WWE playing same game and once again delaying things as much as possible to waste as much time. New leadership hasn’t changed one bit, and I will simply win TM and there will be no chance at ever doing business. You must right your wrongs


Ryback said that while the management has changed to some extent, nothing has changed within the company. WWE has changed since July, when Vince McMahon retired and Paul took charge of the creative and talent division. We’ll have to see if things ever get better for the Big Guy.

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Amit Shukla

Amit Shukla is a huge "Stone Cold' Steve Austin fan and movie buff who loves to write about wrestling. Favorite movies include Inception, and Ankhon Dekhi among others.

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