Matt and Jeff have been referred to as The Hardy Boyz for decades, and they are often thought of as a pair. The two revolutionized tag team wrestling. They took daredevil stunts to new heights and made the fans crave more of such an experience. There is more of their story to tell.

After Jeff left the WWE and joined AEW in March, it looked like things might change, but by June everything took a bad turn. Jeff was arrested in a DUI and is still working on his trial.

Jeff’s arrest made headlines and Tony Khan suspended him, but things may change soon. On the recent episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Matt talked about teaming with a “new” Jeff Hardy and Wardlow to take the trios titles.

That sounds great. Pretty exciting, we’re getting close to the point where we meet the new Jeff and we figure out his future and what he ends up doing. I’m pretty excited because I feel like his mentality is that he knows he has to make changes and do what’s right and I feel like he’s at the point where he will this time around. I’m excited to have him back and I think [teaming with Jeff and Wardlow] would be amazing, would be so much fun.


Wardlow was stoked by the mere thought of something like that happening. Wardlow was up on the offer and would accept the invitation in a heartbeat. It’s no denying that anyone would like to team up with The Hardy Boyz.

I think I don’t need to answer that on how much that would mean to me. Yeah, I can’t even fathom that. I don’t even know what that would feel like.

While there’s no reveal of what the new Jeff Hardy looks like, it’s a given that he would need to be better, because Matt has talked about how Jeff needs to change things in his life to be better and bigger in his career. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

Will you be ready to accept The Hardy Boyz and Wardlow as your AEW Trios Tag Team Champions? Chime in.

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