The Young Bucks are absolute geniuses when it comes to the business side of the industry. They made the most out of many incidents over the years, especially anything related to WWE. There have recently been claims that The Young Bucks had contacted WWE to determine their interest in joining the company after their AEW contracts expire. However, The Young Bucks are denying such an interaction even took place.

Dave Meltzer asserted on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Nick and Matt Jackson have refuted the claims. The former AEW Tag Team Champions have been known to converse with individuals in the WWE, although this is accepted as usual given the friendships they have built throughout their time in the industry. The brothers have said that it did not occur privately, but there are also a number of reasons why they would deny this.

Ringside News exclusively reported that The Young Bucks weren’t the only ones sending out feelers to WWE. In fact, Kenny Omega also tested WWE’s interest during his injury hiatus.

The Young Bucks have always been transparent about the fact that they did discuss joining WWE with Triple H in the past, before AEW was founded. However, after the success of the ALL IN event, they finally decided to support themselves and team up with Tony Khan to launch a new company.


The Jackson Brother are presently suspended by AEW, along with their former AEW World Trios Champion teammate Kenny Omega and a number of others, as a result of the alleged backstage altercation that happened after AEW’s All Out event. There is presently a private investigation underway to learn the truth about what happened between The Elite, Ace Steel, and CM Punk that evening, thus it is unclear how long they are all scheduled to be suspended for or if there will be any additional action against them.

Since the incident, fans have not heard from either of The Young Bucks, and it was recently reported that the well-liked “Being The Elite” YouTube series is taking break, which is probably because to their suspensions. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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