MJF worked hard to establish himself as one of the most controversial and headline worthy talent in a long time. The Salt Of The Earth is second to none when it comes to cutting a promo as well.

The Salt of the Earth also makes sure to tell fans that he is superior to them in every conceivable way. He took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of himself, showing off his gains. One female fan tried to poke a hole in his ego by posting a photo of a ripped guy with a caption saying, “Not better than my 6’3 f*ck buddy though.”

MJF took to Twitter to address the fact that he’s 6’3″ when he leans forward in the morning.

I’m 6’3 when I lean forward in the morning. Buzz off


MJF shocked the world by making his comeback during AEW All Out. Then, he made an appearance on AEW Dynamite’s episode from the previous week, which was taped at Buffalo, New York’s KeyBank Center.

AEW also has plans for MJF at Full Gear, which could see him challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. We’ll have to see if MJF will become the champion or not. Check out MJF’s latest tweet below.

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