Taylor Wilde is an exceptional knockout in Impact Wrestling. Her recent absence caused a stir of opinions if she is contractually required by the company or if she has been future endeavored.

Taylor spoke about the situation on the House of Hardcore Podcast that her COVID-related issues and divorce have kept her out of the on-screen competition. Tommy Dreamer talked about how he does behind-the-scenes work for the company.

Lastly, your comeback, which is awesome. And you are still under contract. And you have — I mean, think about it too, you have two people who are right place right time, myself and Scott D’Amore, who do a lot behind the scenes. I mean, Scott is IMPACT Wrestling. Two of the people who believed in you the most are kind of helping this company, and you had to take your own time to settle everything, and now it’s right place, right time, and it’s all about the journey. And for you, it’s also about the comeback.

It’s funny you also mentioned that show you just saw Scott at because from that show, I talked to him. And he was like, yes, seeing Shantelle; we have to get her back on the field. And I was like, yes, we do. But it’s always like, okay, well, we can’t just rush people in because, you know this, alright, well, we have these people coming in. But it was like, God, she’s so friggin good. Still, and like, but we’re not talking about it like you’re 55 grizzled old Tommy Dreamer, even though I’m 51, but what I’m saying is we can’t wait to get you back on the field. So I hope that happens superduper soon for you because you’re the best version of yourself, and every other day it should be the best version of yourself.


Dreamer even talked about what his initial reaction was to seeing Taylor Wilde’s performance. Tommy was impressed with her work and wanted her to be on the show instantly, It took some time, but Dreamer was able to make Wilde’s dreams come true. Taylor said:

Thank you, and I’m so excited. Like it’s been a year, and it was hard because I had this like big comeback after ten years of being inactive and then COVID and divorce and life, and thank God for my IMPACT Wrestling family like truthfully if I didn’t have the history with the business and I didn’t have the relationships I have with you and Scott they probably would have never been a part two. But again, everything happens for a reason. And this disconnect between times is surely really confusing for the fans, but its nowhere near confusing for the fans as it has been for a second over here.

Taylor Wilde’s last match for IMPACT Wrestling took place against Tenille Dashwood at Victory Road 2021. She hasn’t been on television since then, but it looks like things may be on the up for her soon.

Impact Wrestling’s creative team would have to figure out a way to bring her into the foray of things inside the knockouts division. Scott D’More and the team will have to look at avenues to help her get the highlight she deserves.

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Amit Shukla

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