Dolph Ziggler is a superstar who has been with the WWE for many years. The wrestling expert made his intentions known on when he plans to retire, and it surely isn’t now.

During a conversation on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Dolph discussed his NXT run this year when he surprisingly appeared in February before winning the title from the champion at NXT Roadblock on March 8th.

Bron Breakker later defeated him for the title on the 4th April episode of Monday Night Raw to reclaim his strap. Dolph is an excellent performer, but he was impressed by someone else in NXT, since Mandy Rose has improved a lot since being in NXT.

Dolph didn’t hold back any praises for the now unified NXT Women’s Champion. She became the NXT Unified Champion at NXT Worlds Collide this month. Dolph said:


I got to watch some performers do awesome stuff, and there’s so many ridiculously talented people that do some stuff that I could not even imagine being there to catch. But also what I really loved was I had earlier worked with Mandy, and when I knew her, she was not new, but kind of figuring out her character, figuring out some things.

To watch her and her group, Toxic Attraction, stroll into that place with their entrance, talk on the mic so confidently, act like they were running the place, and a couple of the weeks I was there, they sat in the VIP lounge, sipping champagne and talking trash, I go, this is amazing. I was blown away just by the leaps and bounds she had done since I had worked with her six months earlier. So it’s things like that where that’s what I paid a lot of attention to.

It’s great to see Mandy Rose get the recognition she deserves for the hard work she has put in, both on the mic and in the ring. Dolph’s praise for Many might also stretch back to their romantic storyline they had where Otis ended up a jilted sad sack for a while.

Mandy Rose has grown by leaps and bounds, but she isn’t the only person in the NXT brand putting forth the effort to make it on WWE’s bigger stages. Only time will tell when that chance comes for Mandy Rose once again.

What do you make out of Dolph’s comments about Mandy Rose and NXT? Sound off in the comments.

Amit Shukla

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