CM Punk divided the locker room with his actions, as Ringside News exclusively reported. He drew line in the sand, where you’re either for him or against him. Follow-up reports confirmed that a majority of the locker room was against him. Even before his brawl with The Elite after All Out, CM Punk was already injured.

This situation has a lot of layers to it, and Tony Khan needed to take action. In the end, it was Punk who went ballistic during that All Out media scrum followed by a brawl in his locker room that marred the company’s name in a huge way, something he allegedly tried to avoid.

AEW announced today that everyone who was involved in the backstage brawl is suspended. That includes CM Punk, but he could still be fired. Regardless, CM Punk isn’t able to compete right now.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that CM Punk was injured during the AEW All Out match. It was said that either way, Punk won’t be able to carry on as AEW World Champion.


The type of injury was not noted, but Alvarez said that the thinking is that Punk injured himself when he took a move off the top rope in Chicago.

We’ll have to see what happens. If CM Punk is fired, then the title will be stripped. If it’s just an injury situation, then another interim title situation might be coming.

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