CM Punk challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at AEW All Out. After a long and hard battle, it was Punk who came out on top and became the new champion. Eric Bischoff went after CM Punk once again.

During the post-AEW All Out media scrum, CM Punk went ballistic on Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as he completely flew off the handle. It was reported that Omega and the Bucks threatened to leave AEW over Punk’s scathing remarks.

While speaking on the ADFree Shows special, Eric Bischoff talked about CM Punk’s comments. He proceeded to blast CM Punk for being whiny and acting like a high schooler.

“It’s so f*cking whiny, like it’s just “why do I have to get up here and address this” you know, this is like high school sh*t. And obviously, something…. clearly, Phil [CM Punk’s real name] is… this has left some scar tissue and I get that. Disappointed, feels betrayed possibly, who knows, I don’t know what the story was and who did what to who, it doesn’t really matter. But at some point, you got to let that sh*t go bro. You can’t let it get in the way of how you’re perceived as a character.


Here’s a guy who’s supposed to be a baby face, whining. He’s f*cking whining, like if my 10-year-old kid came home from school and whined to me like that, I’d grab him by the ear, I’d take him outside, and we’d have a talk about being so f*cking whiny. Not a good look, especially for a babyface.”

CM Punk was also called selfish and arrogant by many in WWE. There’s lot more to this story. We will keep you updated on this ongoing story right here at Ringside News.

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