CM Punk got into an altercation with The Elite and that shocked fans and wrestlers alike. Ringside News exclusively reported that Punk’s antics prompted most AEW performers to side against him. It appears that many within WWE share the same belief.

Sean Sapp reported from behind Fightful’s paywall that several WWE talent reached out to the outlet to give their comments. Those people from WWE suggested that Punk was hard to work with when he was in Vince McMahon’s former company as well.

There were numerous WWE talent that reached out to Fightful to get the notes of what all went down, as well as details behind the skirmish at AEW All Out. A top WWE star said that they believe that the CM Punk that they knew years ago is being highlighted.

Another WWE talent said that if it was a work, it was one of the most elaborate works they’ve ever seen. A third talent said much of the same — “If this Punk press scrum thing is a work.. bravo.” Both had contacted Fightful before Raw and said that they learned individually it wasn’t a work, and expressed surprise that it even happened. There was confusion from both of those as to why Tony Khan would not comment in the follow up about Punk bashing the EVPs and not providing clarity regarding the people who launched the company with him.


“You can’t expect a lot of people here to have a lot of positive things to say about Punk, and I think he’s aware of that and has probably come to peace with it,” one talent who worked with Punk in the past said. “I feel like he’s trying to run things there, and it looks like he’s doing it.”

Another longtime main eventer told us that they considered Punk’s actions unprofessional, and don’t believe he’s the company man or leader that he made himself out to be. That same person would call Punk “selfish and arrogant.” This sentiment was echoed by several we spoke to, including some talent that worked on set with Punk at FOX.

Tony Khan said that wrestlers don’t have to like each other, and sometimes that is good for business. This sentiment was shared by one high-ranking WWE official, but there is also a limit to how far that idea stretches.

Another top WWE name told us that if the parties involved don’t put their issues aside and make money with it that “none of them have business talking about drawing houses or losing fans or interest. They have a good show but this is still the biggest piece of business they’ve done and they have to capitalize.”

Reby Hardy also mocked CM Punk over the latest backstage drama in AEW. Punk is getting lot of heat because of his behavior, and there’s no denying that. Ringside News will keep you updated on the situation.

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