Jon Moxley debuted at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 and took no time in becoming one of the company’s mainstays. He has competed against the best of the best the company has to offer as well. Now, he is gearing up for another match against CM Punk and the AEW World Title is on the line.

As seen on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, The Purveyor Of Violence faced CM Punk in an AEW World Title unification match. Moxley squashed Punk in under three minutes to become the undisputed AEW World Champion.

CM Punk then accepted a rematch for the title at AEW All Out. While speaking during a promo ahead of the show, Jon Moxley took some major shots at CM Punk.

“This Sunday I’m wrestling Chicago-made CM Punk, the little punk rock kid from Chicago! People say that me and CM Punk are a lot alike. Sure we have traveled some of the same roads and had some of the same rivals. We’ve even won some of the same championships. But no, me and CM Punk are nothing alike.


There is one fundamental difference between me and CM Punk for example. Say I had a broken foot, not like a CM Punk broken foot, but say you had a wooden block and a sledgehammer and did a Kathy Bates from Misery on my foot right now. I’d have a broken foot going into Sunday, you think I’d care? Even a little bit?

This could be a great story. I’m gonna give you a chance, you say you are the heartbeat of Chicago, I’m the heartbeat of this business. When guys get in the ring with me, we find out what they are made of. I’m gonna give you a chance to be better than you’ve ever been, more than you ever have been.

I’m gonna give you a chance on Sunday to be that guy that you’ve been pretending to be for all these years. CM Punk, that messiah that everyone is looking up to, that all these fans believed in. A lot of guys, a lot of wrestlers from my generation believed in that turned out to be so full of sh*t.

I’m gonna give you a chance to be that guy, if that guy really exists, yeah Sunday would be the appropriate time for him to show up. Me? I’m not what you would call a “CM Punk fan” so I could care less. This isn’t just the biggest match of your life Punk, this is your life. Defined.”

We will have to wait and see whether CM Punk will be able to dethrone Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at the AEW All Out pay-per-view. Keep checking back with Ringside News for all the updates you need.

Do you think CM Punk will win the match? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet, a professional wrestling fan for over 20+ years, found his passion during the Monday Night Wars. With expertise honed over decades and a broad spectrum of interests including TV, movies, anime, novels, and music, he offers insightful analysis and coverage. Respected in the industry, Subhojeet keeps fans informed and engaged with his knowledge and perspective.

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