Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle have a long history with each other, and it’s a pretty rocky one. Even before they shared a locker room on the WWE main roster, the two rubbed each other the wrong way, and Riddle’s ex-wife taking a shot at Becky Lynch’s backside didn’t help matters.

In case you didn’t know, Lisa Riddle threw some shade at WWE’s women’s roster for being out of shape and looking sloppy. She used a photo of Becky Lynch’s rear end in the process to make her point. This did not land well and caused some resentment.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani, Seth Rollins confirmed that those old comments were not for a stroyline at all. In fact, they totally came out of the blue.

“No, I don’t even know what prompted her to do that. I don’t even know in what context or what world she thought her opinion was necessary. I don’t want to spend too much time on her, but the main crux of it was, ‘Yo dude, you work with us, we’re supposed to be working together and you’re creating this divide where this doesn’t need to be one.’ Him speaking up and saying, ‘I’ve got her back no matter what she says because she’s my ride or die,’ I get it, but there are better ways to handle the situation,” he said.


When it comes to hashing things out, Seth Rollins never spoke to Matt Riddle. The two had real beef, and that is something he didn’t shy away from addressing either.

“I never talked to him. I never said anything to him. I believe the comment happened when he was in NXT and when he got called up to the main roster, I was like, ‘Don’t want to work with him, don’t want to deal with him.’ It’s very easy to ignore people if you want to.”

Interestingly enough, Matt Riddle is guy who Seth Rollins said he will never face in WWE. It looks like time proved that one incorrect.

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle will have a chance to throw down at WWE Clash at the Castle on September 3rd. They might not be through with each other yet, but they will likely do everything possible to leave it all in the ring in Cardiff.

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