Mickie James is considered one of the all-time greats in pro wrestling. With all of her accolades, she is well respected in the industry. But all things do come to an end at some point.

During the September 1st episode of IMPACT, James returned and revealed that from here on out, she would be embarking on her final rodeo and that her next loss and the company will be her last.

Mickie James makes her way out for her career announcement. First, she thanks management for the opportunity to speak. She says November will mark 24 years since she began this journey. She talks about sitting at her sister’s death bed to being released from WWE six months later. She says the fans reminded her who she was. She talks about returning to IMPACT and having one of the best runs of her career, which included winning the Knockouts title again. She then lost the title to Tasha and was betrayed by Chelsea. She was filled with doubts again and had to go home to regather. “I’m not retiring. Not tonight. Not like this. Not right now.” Mickie states she’s going to prove herself against the best, and she’s going to earn her way to another Knockouts title match. She’s going to start at the bottom of the roster with open challenges until she gets to the champion. There is a catch: If she loses during this journey or her title match, that is it. This is the last rodeo.

My next loss. Is my very LAST loss. I love you all. I don’t deserve you. Thank you!!! Let’s ride! #LastRodeo #HardcoreCountry


James is definitely going out on her own terms, Her career was fun to watch as fans. Now, who would give Mickie her final loss as an in-ring competitor? We’ll find out soon enough.

What’s your take on Mickie James’ last run? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

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