Flash Morgan Webster was released by WWE few weeks ago. He had been signed to the company since 2018. Webster was among those let go by the company that worked for the NXT UK brand, and it was quite a lengthy list.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that Flash Morgan Webster signed a new deal with the company shortly before being released. He was also injured at the time of his release.

“We’ve learned that Webster signed a NXT UK deal in 2018, but then upgraded to an NXT deal in 2019 that ran for three years. The deal actually expired, and Webster was working on a short extension throughout this Summer. However, he re-signed with WWE NXT earlier this year after passing on two contracts with pay increases. We’re told that Webster signed in order to make sure he was taken care of during the injury process, but that doesn’t seem to completely be the case. Webster had been sidelined with an injury since last year, and hasn’t been in the ring since the October 2021 tapings. We’re told that even though the surgeon cleared Webster shortly before his release, his physio had not, and he was nowhere near being able to return to the ring. In the past, WWE had avoided releasing injured talent.”

As reported, he had signed a small extension in the spring. His re-signing to the company long-term indicates he wanted to stay with WWE. It’s uncertain whether they will want to sign him when NXT Europe takes off next year.


It’s not uncommon for wrestlers to be released while injured. However, it’s a bit of a harsh reality to re-sign to make sure one is taken care of through the rehab process, just to be let go anyway. Webster was among 20 other wrestlers let go from NXT UK in the wake of their hiatus.

WWE released a slew of NXT UK talent right after the announcement that NXT Europe is on the way. It’s unclear exactly when NXT Europe will launch, but it’s expected some time in 2023. Apparently, Flash Morgan Webster’s services were not required.

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