AEW has been hot hands on topic of conversation with Warner Brother’s Discovery, dating back to as early as MJF’s controversial promo. It was rumored at the time that executives within the media company weren’t very pleased. It seems that Warner Bros Discover, although they might want AEW to tone down the language, they are happy about crossover marketing.

Now, we have learned some positive outcome for AEW in regards to the company. It seems like Warner Bros. Discover’s executive group has been pleased with the summer marketing with AEW. The promotion ran two special Dynamites, with one happening during “House of Dragon” presents: AEW Dynamite. The other happened during the Barbed Wire Death Match between Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho, where the members of Jericho Appreciation Society were trapped in a shark cage.

It was mentioned behind Fightful’s paywall, that Warner Bros. Discovery said how there was a ‘high level of trust’ put in AEW to run the special shows. Warner Bros. Discovery noted that Shark Week and House of the Dragon are two of the most important pieces of product in the company, and was very happy with how AEW utilized them both.

As of this writing, there are no known plans for AEW to incorporate more programming tailored to Warner Bros. Discovery. However, it would be surprising to not see more events that meets the needs of AEW and WBD. Themed Dynamite and Rampage shows have been a commonality for AEW since its inception and we look forward to seeing more.


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Chase Gilmer

Chase Gilmer is 31 years old from Decatur, Alabama. He loves all sports and professional wrestling. He is also one of the co-host and co-founders of The Pinning Predicament.

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