AEW has been going through a challenging time. With reports of background unrest and sudden change in the competition from WWE, AEW needs an action plan.

Sean Sapp Ross reported details about the mandatory talent meeting that happened at the AEW Dynamite Tapings behind Fightful’s paywall. Tony Khan was present at the meeting, and he was “fired up.”

The meeting ran between 3 to 4 PM eastern time. While they addressed many topics, one major concern was communication. They talked about how accessible is Tony Khan to the talent, as there are rumors about disarray in communication as well as talent being unable to reach him.

We were told the meeting took place between 3 and 4 PM eastern, and that Tony Khan was “fired up” for it. Several topics were tackled, including working as a team, the lines of communication, and who the talent can talk to.


The access to Tony Khan was also addressed, as the rumors of miscommunication and lack of access to him had emerged. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were said to have made it clear that their door is always open, and that they can be reached for concerns as well. Talent were briefed via email recently about several of the new coaches and talent relations promotions. 

Young Bucks and Kenny Omega also spoke at the meeting. They said that they are always there with their door open, and they are open to receiving concerns from the talent. AEW talent was also briefed on the talent relations promotions in the company and the entry of new coaches.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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