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Tonight will feature the continuation of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament in a semi-final matchup with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai taking on Alexa Bliss and Asuka. Also tonight will be the return for two of Toronto’s own as Edge is set to take on Damian Priest, and Trish Stratus will make a guest appearance.

The show starts out with cameras racing to guerilla where a brawl has broken out between Seth Rollins and Riddle! Officials have tried to break the two up, but they have gone into the crowd to continue fighting. Riddle escapes officials and dives over the barricade and onto officials and Rollins and the scene breaks up as Rollins heads toward backstage.


We preview Edge vs Damian Priest, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai vs Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

Next is a huge pop for Trish Stratus as she comes down the ramp! The hall of famer has come home for Monday Night Raw! She mentions that it will never not feel like home as the fans cheer for Trish to give them “one more match.” Trish says she has been doing a lot of thinking lately as Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai interrupt and we head to our first commercial break.

We come back from break and we see Bayley cutting a promo about how excited she is to be on Raw, especially with Trish Stratus. Bayley tells Trish how much of a star she is, even internationally, but asks Trish why she was even here. Trish responds that she is here for fellow Toronto native Edge’s big match tonight. She also starts to say that she had something to say, before Kai and Sky cut her off. Bayley tells Trish that she is sick of her being in her ring. Bianca Belair comes down quickly to stand side by side with Trish.

Belair mentions that Bayley isn’t even in Trish’s “Stratus”phere, and that she walked so the rest of the women’s roster could run. Bianca threatens Bayley and tells her to stop being disrespectful. Trish begins to tease a match with Bayley if she doesn’t stop running her mouth. Alexa Bliss and suska come down to help out Trish and Bianca with the heels.

The two teams of Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai and Alexa Bliss and Asuka take the ring and we begin our opening match of the night. Asuka and Iyo start the match, but Iyo runs away as Asuka mocks her. Dakota Kai quickly tags in. Kai heads outside for an 8 count before she tries to get back in. As she is entering the ring, Asuka knocks her back off the apron and we head to another commercial break.

We return from the break with Alexa Bliss and Sky going at it. Bliss gets the advantage and gets two near falls, but Sky kicks out. Asuka tags in, and Sky gets a quick, cheap two count. Kai gets the tag and quickly starts the kicks to Asuka. Asuka gets the advantage, though, and gets the tag in to Bliss who wipes out both Sky and Kai on the outside. Once back inside, Sky and Kai take control of the match and leave Bliss lying as we head to our next break.

We return and Kai is still working over Alexa Bliss, who is desperately trying to tag Asuka in. She finally gets the hot tag and Asuka cleans house. Asuka gets a near fall on Sky, who just gets her shoulder up before the three. Sky gets control and hits Asuka with a springboard dropkick, but her pinfall is cut off by Bliss. Bliss and Sky hit the outside, and Kai gets two more two counts on Asuka. Bliss comes in and hits a double DDT on Sky and Kai, then Asuka hits a submission on Kai. Iyo makes the save, but Bliss heads for the top to go for a Twisted Bliss. Kai gets her knees up for the reversal and takes control of Asuka. Asuka gets her Asuka Lock put in on Kai, who taps, but is not the legal competitor. Sky comes in from the outside and hits Asuka with a roll up pinfall for the win. Sky and Kai will move on in the tag team tournament bracket.

We head backstage to Kevin Patrick as he interviews Dolph Ziggler. He asks Ziggler how he is going to respond after losing to Theory last week. He says he just wants to help Theory because he has so much potential, yet is so arrogant. He is quickly interrupted by Finn Balor. Finn tells him he is sick of the same locker room talk about being a leader. Ziggler quickly slaps Balor, and asks if hes going to meet him in the ring.

Finn Balor comes to the ring after commercial with Rhea Ripley and a new theme. Balor starts the match on the aggressive and throws Ziggler from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. During the match we learn that tonight we will have an “Alpha Academy Open Challenge”. We go to commercial with Finn Balor dominating the matchup. After the break, the two men are jockeying for position, and Finn gets the upper hand. Not long though, before Ziggler starts getting momentum and hits Balor with 10 punches on top of the corner turnbuckle. Ziggler gets a quick two count before Balor kicks out. The two men exchange reversals before Balor hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Ziggler then hits a nice DDT on Balor for another two and both me are lying on the ground slow to get up. Balor has his 1916 reversed to a Famouser for Ziggler and it gets a near fall. Balor gets Ziggler on the ground and heads to the top for the Coup de Grace, but Ziggler moves and hits the Zig Zag instead! Balor somehow kicks out of that move at the last millisecond. Ziggler hits Balor with a headbutt and it draws the interest of the referee who checks on Balor. While this happens, Rhea Ripley hits Ziggler with a cheap punch. Ziggler then stumbles into the arms of Balor who hits the 1916 and Coup de Grace for the 1-2-3. Balor and Ripley celebrate the victory afterwards

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Aliyah as they discuss the Women’s Tag Tournament. Bayley, Sky, and Kai interrupt Aliyah during the segment. Bayley asks Aliyah where Raquel Rodriguez is, and Aliyah says it’s none of her business. Trish Stratus comes in and says Aliyah isn’t alone. Aliyah then asks Bayley for a match later on which Bayley accepts. As they leave, we notice Adam Pearce with WWE officials talking and holding what seems to be a picture. We will keep an eye on this over the night as it probably is something to do with Dexter Lumis.

Alpha Academy come out to offer an open challenge as we head to break. Gable comes out to cut a promo with some cheap heat. The challenge has been answered by Kevin Owens! We will get the one-on-one match next!

The bell rings and KO is on the offensive, and the crowd is heavily behind Owens. The action falls to the outside shortly before KO rolls Gable in. Gable gets a short bit of offense in before Owens starts to take over again. The action goes back out to the outside and Gable hits Owens with a quick suplex to the mat. KO gets spiked on the apron as we head to commercial break. After the break we see Gable have the advantage over a battered Owens. KO quickly retains momentum though, reversing a suplex with a back elbow and a cannon ball into the corner. Owens hits a Frog Splash halfway across the ring for a near fall! Gable reverses a pop up powerbomb and stunner with a german suplex, then connects on a diving head butt. Owens kicks out at 2! They both head to the top and Owens hits Gable with a avalanche suplex, but Owens only gets the two. Owens then goes for a Swanton Bomb, and Gable moves out of the way. Gable then goes for a moonsault of his own, but KO moves. He quickly hits Gable with a superkick and a pop up powerbomb for the win! After the match, Otis attacks KO and while the heels have the advantage shortly, Owens takes both big men out with Gable being powerbombed on top of Otis to end the segment.

After this, we see the Judgement Day in the back. Balor mentions how Ripley has dominated Dominik over the last few weeks. He also says that Rey Mysterio is “6-1-Mine.” Priest says that just leaves one legend left and that Edge will be defeated later on tonight.

Next, we have Aliyah making her way to the ring to take on Bayley who will be in her first match since returning from injury at Summerslam. Before Bayley makes her entrance we get news of the 4 teams in the second chance fatal 4 way tag match. They will be Sonya Deville and Natalya, Shotzi and Xia Li, Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H, and Tamina and Dana Brooke. Bayley makes her way to the ring and it is her first match since February 19th, 2021. Aliyah hits a couple of quick roll up pins, but to no avail. It’s noted that Aliyah is also in her hometown tonight. Some really nice offense has Bayley caught off guard. Bayley starts to take control with some stomps in the corner. Bayley gets a one count on Aliyah and quickly goes for a headlock. Aliyah gets up, but Bayley maintains momentum. Aliyah tries to hit a cross body in the corner, but Bayley catches her and hits her with a double knee stomp. Aliyah kicks out and takes the action to he outside to get an edge, and quickly takes it back in the ring. After some back and forth, Aliyah gets a single leg crab on Bayley who escapes the move by pulling Aliyah’s hair. Bayley hits the Rose Plant for the win in a very competitive match between the two ladies. After the match, Kai and Sky come down to celebrate with their leader.

We head backstage to see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley walk the hallways and notice something on fire. Adam Pearce and officials are still nearby with the officials in riot gear. Ciampa and The Miz make their way to the ring for their tag team match against Styles and Lashley. After the commercial, we see the entrances for both Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles. Ciampa and Styles start the match with Styles getting the upper hand with a drop kick. Styles tags in Lashley who hits Ciampa with a stalling vertical suplex. Ciampa, however, recovers and makes the tag to The Miz. Lashley tags Styles in who makes quick work of The Miz and Ciampa gets thrown over the top rope onto his partner as we go to commercial. We return and Ciampa gets a two count on Styles. The heels are taking it to Styles. Styles jumps on Miz’s back to get the tag, but comes up just short. Miz then takes Styles to the corner where Ciampa has his way with Styles, throwing him over the barricade. Styles is still struggling to get the tag as Ciampa gets Miz back in. Styles finally gets to Lashley who cleans house. The crowd really seems to be behind Lashley here. Lashley levels Ciampa on the outside ring post, then knocks Miz to the floor. Ciampa recovers to hit Willow’s Bell on Lashley for a near fall. Lashley folds Ciampa with a spear and a near fall, and Styles takes out Miz with a phenomenal forearm. He celebrates but is quickly taken out by an intruder from the crowd. The match ends in a disqualification as Dexter Lumis removes his helmet and kidnaps The Miz. Styles hits Ciampa with a post match Phenomenal Forearm and Lashley hits Ciampa with a Spear. There have not been any revealed intentions of Lumis kidnapping Miz.

Following this we get a hype package for the main event of the night between Damian Priest and Edge.

After commercial we get a surprise return from Johnny Gargano! He gets a massive pop from the Toronto crowd! As he tries to start his promo he is interrupted by loud “Johnny Wrestling” chants from the fans. He thanks the fans for reminding himself who he was, and introduces himself to those who don’t. He mentions his entire lineage during his NXT run. He also mentions that he won the NXT Tag Titles in the very building their in tonight in Toronto. He says that he wasn’t sure he wanted to wrestle anymore until he remembered that his childhood dreams consisted of becoming the Intercontinental, US, and WWE Championships. He goes on to say that he wouldn’t be much of a dad if he didn’t show his son that he could do anything he wanted to. Gargano tells the crowd he is betting on himself and confirms he’s now in WWE.

Gargano is shortly interrupted by a familiar face in Theory. Theory, as you may remember, was in The Way with Gargano in NXT. Loud “Who’s Your Daddy?” chants hit Theory as he enters the ring. They discuss the changes over the last 9 months in each of their lives. Theory tells Gargano that all the things Gargano wants to do, he’s already done. Theory does credit Gargano for his success in taking him under his wing. He then says that Gargano is like the rookie to his vet, and he will take him under his wing and show him “the way”. Theory then tells Gargano if he doesn’t want to do that then he can just “go away.” They then tease a familiar handshake, but Gargano hits Theory with a superkick and heads to the back. It is great to see Gargano back in a wrestling ring.

After the commercial they preview next week’s Raw which will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Another hometown WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, will make an appearance at the show.

We are now ready for tonight’s main event between Damian Priest and Edge. Priest comes to the ring solo, as he mentioned he would do last week. Edge comes out next to an outstanding hometown pop. There is a quick pan to the crowd where we see Edge’s wife, and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. Edge takes quick advantage of Priest and tosses him outside. Edge then gets a couple of take downs before Priest heads outside. The crowd is 100% behind Edge, the hometown hero. Edge playing a lot of mind games with Priest early. This is a good call back to when Edge told Priest he taught him everything Priest knows, but not everything he himself knows. We see Edge give Priest a powerbomb on the barricade before we head to commercial break. During the commercial, which is picture in picture, Edge dominates Priest all around the outside area. As we near the end of the commercial, they’re still on the outside but this time Priest has the advantage after throwing Edge into the ring post. As we return, we see simultaneous big boots which knocks both men down. Shortly after, Edge takes the top turnbuckle and hits an aerial move to the outside to knock Priest down. Priest ends up getting back in control and hits Edge with The Razor’s Edge through the announce table. During the commercial, Priest takes advantage of a near lifeless Edge. Priest hits a big clothesline for a 2 count. Priest and Edge take to the top rope, and Edge reverses Priest’s move with a top rope hurricanrana. Edge immediately attempts a Spear, but is met with a kick and an Unprettier. This move got a two for Priest. A back and forth ends with Edge hitting a big DDT on Priest, but only gets another two count. Priest hits The Reckoning, but Priest doesn’t go for a pin. He looks to end Edge with a Spear of his own. Edge reverses the Spear with a South of Heaven. However, Priest gets back at Edge with a South of Heaven of his own. Priest goes for con-chair-to as the referee is knocked outside. Edge rolls out of the ring and comes back to put on a cross face to Priest with a leg of the chair. Some more action occurs, but finishes with Edge hitting Priest with a Spear and the three count! Edge goes outside to get two chairs to hit the con-chair-to on Priest, but is hit with a low blow by Ripley. The entire Judgement Day come to attack Edge. Ripley goes to pick up a chair, but is met by Beth Phoenix who stops the group from attacking her husband.

We end tonight’s Raw with a stand off between Judgement Day and Edge and Beth Phoenix, who were holding chairs. What did you think of tonight’s episode of WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

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