AEW committed itself to producing quarterly pay-per-view events when they made their debut in 2019. The Jacksonville-based promotion did extend the number of weekly TV specials in 2022. AEW is now considering introducing new television shows.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recently spoke about the prospects to AEW introducing new television shows. He said that AEW already has the roster for new shows. It will easier for them if wrestlers fought one match a week rather than working every other week.

They are going to get another television show, AEW. They are going to get another television show. We know about the reality show. And if they remain successful, their prospects of getting another show are there, and they have the roster. In theory, all you gotta do is have this guys work one match a week.

Some of these guys are working every other week, every third week, every fourth week. So there’s so much you could do. It’s gonna be lot harder to book, you know with more shows but yes for both companies I could see more shows. I could see there’s going to be a pushback from the companies. If somebody offers the right deal, and someone will for WWE, they’re going to think about it.


Meltzer also noted that it’s going to become difficult to book with more shows but he believes WWE and AEW both are going to introduce new shows along the way. We already know about the reality show. If the reality show is successful, the prospects of getting another show are there.

AEW’s next big pay-per-view event, All Out, will take place on September 4th, 2022. The show is sold out, so they don’t really have to worry about moving tickets. The live event will emanate from Now Arena in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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