The pro wrestling landscape is full of all kinds of people. Kevin Owens is not afraid of engaging in discourse with the vocal minority, and it seems that we have another instance of that taking place.

Kevin Owens wanted to share a little bit of his promo skills on Twitter as he said, “Just keep fighting,” a positive message for many to hear. Then one fan chimed in to say, “With every other wrestlers finishers, where is your originality?”

Owens replied to this fan by saying, “Nobody else does everyone’s finishing move… I’m a trailblazer, Brett.” This is when the fan, whose name is Brett, fired back to say, “Well trailblaze yourself a new finishing move that you created, you seem to be a follower to me.” That was met with a prompt response.

No, Brett.


I’m going to start copying everyone even more.

In fact, my name is now Kevinn.

And you think you’re the only one that can take a selfie in front of a body of water while looking miserable?!


We’ll have to see if this shuts up fans who want to continue the narrative that Kevin Owens is not original. If anything, we now have a new approved way to spell the former Universal Champion’s name as well.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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