Tony Khan is always good for an enthusiastic take on anything, and his high energy has evoked plenty of Scarface memes. That being said, his activity backstage in AEW has been less than professional, and he was checked for it in a big way.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Tony Khan’s backstage behavior got worse over the past few months. There was even blow-up where a high-ranking member of the backstage team quit over TK’s actions. Then Khan had to chase this person down and beg them to stay, while promising to curtail his explosive behavior.

We were given a bit of a follow-up after our report about Tony Khan’s unprofessional backstage behavior. Apparently, the atmosphere backstage has been “chaos” and things have been “worse than normal” as of late.

Khan promoted a few people within the company to help out with the workload, so he wouldn’t be so stressed. Hopefully, that helps, but it’s still never okay to curse and blow up at someone, no matter how stressful the job of live television might be.


We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News.

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