Update: Click here for our exclusive update about Tony Khan chasing high-ranking staff member down to convince him not to quit over his backstage behavior.

Original: Tony Khan is charismatic in interviews, and he’s also incredibly meme-worthy. It turns out that Tony Khan is also getting a bit of a reputation for being unprofessional.

Ringside News has learned that Tony Khan’s behavior backstage in AEW has become an issue. We were told that he goes overboard with how he talks to the commentary team on their headsets on a regular basis as well.

A source with direct knowledge of the situation told us that, “in the past month, Tony Khan has become impossible for anyone to deal with. It’s not just the communication issues with talent, it’s also how he acts on headsets.” There are also a few comparisons to Vince McMahon as well, but we’re told that Tony Khan is worse.


“People who have worked in WWE say he’s much worse on headsets than Vince ever was, and his level of unprofessionalism rivals what it used to be like when Kevin Dunn would start yelling at people and mocking them on headsets.”

We were also told that Tony Khan was really going off during the ROH Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on July 23rd. At this point, Tony Khan’s behavior is becoming a huge issue with staff in the company. We’ll have to see if he is able to correct some of those issues.

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